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Filter synthetic mesh of braid weaving

This is a new generation filter material that combines the type of weaving recognized as the best filtration for water (braid weaving) and a modern durable polymer – polyamide.

Using grids in the well:
Will increase the service life of your well (eliminate silting) to preserve its operational characteristics (flow rate) will protect the pumping equipment from wear.

Advantages of our grids:

High productivity.

The borehole is 40-50% higher than that of nets with a different weave, with the same cell diameter.


No corrosion.

The grids are not subject to corrosion and colmatation processes, which significantly prolongs the operation of the well.

Proven security.
Polymers are completely safe and have a hygienic certificate

About the company

Vodozabor-service is a trading and manufacturing company operating on the market since 2008. We produce synthetic filter nets of braid weaving, and also supply related products for wells. The use of our filter materials will increase the service life of your well, preserve its operational characteristics, protect pumping equipment from wear

About the product

Name of the grids

Synthetic braid mesh is a modern filter element widely used in water wells for rough water purification. The use of such filters is especially important for wells drilled in sandy soils.

SPF-52 -Coarse-grained sand

SPF-56 -Medium-grained sand

SPF-60 Fine-grained Sand

SPF-64 Dusty Sand

Mesh width of 1 m in a roll of 50 m2

The width of the grid is 1.10 m in a roll of 55 m2

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